• Many Thanks

    Every single person that my family and I came into contact with was so nice, helpful, and thoughtful. I cannot say enough to sing the praises of Jason Taylor and his staff. You helped us navigate through a difficult time in our lives with such compassion and we are eternally grateful for everything.


    With Love,


    A. and B. D.

  • Gratitude

    Eileen and Jason,

    There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for entrusting your law office with my MVA.  I commend and admire your expertise wholeheartedly and with utmost respect.  You and Jason have helped me so much so I can better focus on caring for my 3 year old daughter and one year old son.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for either of you now or in the future.





  • Excellent Representation

    Dear Mr. Taylor:

    I would like to thank you for the excellent representation that you provided to M. on his case against USAA.

    You were professional, compassionate, and never made M. feel that his case was too small or unimportant. You always took his feelings into consideration each step of the legal process.

    I always felt it was an injustice that the blame for M.’s injuries was placed on him. The driver and insurance company never accepted any responsibility. You were able to accomplish something that no one else felt was possible.

    I will always be indebted to G. for the recommendation to you. He certainly was aware of your capabilities.

    I don’t know if you have ever watched the show Boston Legal but there is a character played by James Spader who is an attorney. I have always told my husband if I ever needed an attorney I want him to find someone just like this character. He fights for his clients and shows compassion throughout the entire process. In you, I have found the closest person to this fictional character.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work on this case. I wish you the very best in your practice.


  • Appreciation


    I appreciate all you did to represent me in my case against wake forest, I have gradually had a ceasing in the numbness of my hand, but I feel I will eventually heal. Thanks for your newsletter. I will use your firm in the future for any representation I could need. God Bless ya’ll and have a great new year.


    R.W./AKA The Fedex Guy

  • So Blessed to Have Found You

    Dear Mr. Jason Taylor,

    We thank you & your staff for the wonderful job you all have done for our Auto case.  We are so blessed to have found you.  A BIG thank you for all your hard work and commitment for our case and family.  The settlement that we got back was such a big blessing.  Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family.  Again, a huge thank you.  Take care and it was so nice to meet you and also have you handle our (me & my son) cases.

    Thanks a million.

    M.S. & Family

  • Words Cannot Express

    Mr. Taylor:

    You will never know how much my family appreciates what you & your staff have done in helping my father with the wrongful death case for my mother. Everyone at your office has been so nice, helpful & respectful to my brother, myself, but more importantly to my father. We will always miss my mother and no amount of money can replace her presence with us, but it means so much to know that someone cares and is willing to help out and go the extra mile to help in a time of loss and need.

    May god bless you and your staff for all the work and effort that was extended on our behalf. Once again, words cannot express my thankfulness toward you Mr. Taylor.

    Thank you!

    BG and family

  • Workman’s Compensation & Multi-Vehicle Accident Case

    Dear Jason:

    Well, we purchased our home this past Friday, paid off all our bills, bought Hannah a new car, and we are in the process of buying equipment for my pest control business and made some investments.

    I am letting you know this because if it were not for you I don’t know where my family would be right now. I feel sure that I would continue to have severe emotional problems due to the heat I am convinced Work Comp. would have kept on me and my family. (Remember Ms. H?)

    During this four year ordeal you returned every call I made to you, you dealt with me personally instead of turning me over to your paralegals, kept me out of jail when I lost control with Dr. S, went to court with me over a matter that you were not being paid for, (you will never know how much that meant to me and I can’t find the words to explain it.) you visited me in the hospital on several occasions, kept in touch with my family and reassured them that everything would be alright, (that meant so much to Hannah) you kept us informed at every bend and turn in the road, and you put up with a lot of grief from my mother and aunt without holding their attitudes against me. You were also completely prepared to take this case to court which I think the defense attorney knew and because of that they felt a settlement was in their best interest. I doubt they would have settled for well over a half million dollars if they had doubts about your trial ability. (I am sorry if this is a little bit “mushy” but it’s the way we feel.

    Example: A man that I was in pain management with that had back surgery and was rated higher than I was is now working at goodwill eight hours a day five days a week and in great pain. His case worker is Ms. H. You made sure I wasn’t forced to work anywhere.

    If there is anything we can ever do for you all you have to do is let us know.

    H, M, B, J & B

  • Son’s Court Case

    Dear Jason E. Taylor Law Office,

    Please forgive my delay in responding to the outcome of the above court date with my son. I cannot thank you enough.

    YOU ROCK!!!!!