Social Security Disability

Going through the Social Security Disability process can be difficult. Often, it is essential to get help just to understand the different programs, how to qualify, and what evidence is needed to secure an approval on your claim. From beginning to end Social Security can be a five (5) step process.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Social Security Income (SSI), are programs set up by the federal government for individuals that are deemed disabled, or unable to perform “substantial gainful employment”. You must be considered disabled for one (1) calendar year to qualify. There are multiple other factors that are considered before securing an approval (i.e. age, education, past relevant work, and severity of your medical condition(s).

In most cases, a claimant will have two (2) appeals before receiving a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Because of the complexities involved, it may prove beneficial to have an experienced attorney/representative gather your medical evidence and present it to the judge on your behalf. If approved, the Social Security Administration will start your benefits from the date the judge or Administration deemed that your disability began.

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Jason Taylor

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